Dear Friends, Fans and Supporters,

Every day you are ask­ing me, „Which is the next peak?“, „When am I going?“, „Which peak am I climb­ing in the autumn?“, and „What are my future plans for any new peaks?“.

I would like to thank every­one for the great inter­est you are pay­ing to the devel­op­ment of my project. In order not to answer each of you indi­vid­u­ally, I would like to use this oppor­tu­nity and describe in detail the cur­rent state of my project.

To con­tinue with the exe­cu­tion of my sec­ond project and climb­ing all the 14-​Eight-​Thousanders over 8000 meters, I need finan­cial resources. For the past 7 years, since 2012 I have ded­i­cated myself to the cause of explor­ing whether the lack of ani­mal food in my menu is ben­e­fi­cial or harm­ful to health, hav­ing at the same time high lev­els of phys­i­cal and men­tal per­for­mance which is required for the high alti­tude mountaineering.

The exper­i­ment is test­ing the human organ­ism with a high degree of phys­i­cal and men­tal per­for­mance with­out con­sump­tion of food of ani­mal ori­gin. The most impor­tant is to know whether this diet is suit­able for us in a long term, as in this way we can sig­nif­i­cantly reduce the con­sump­tion of ani­mals, which will not only ben­e­fit out health, but also we can pro­tect the Planet from the global pol­lu­tion by find­ing a way to feed the grow­ing pop­u­la­tion of peo­ple on planet Earth.

Another goal of the project is make peo­ple explor­ing their our own body and dis­cover what is best for them, while try­ing to fully pro­tect the envi­ron­ment and live in har­mony with them­selves and the nature as well. Let us believe in our­selves and in our capabilities!

My first project ded­i­cated to the climb­ing of the 7 Con­ti­nen­tal Sum­mits ended suc­cess­fully and I became the first Bul­gar­ian with this achieve­ment as well as the first vegan in the world. As of my sec­ond project which is related to the sum­mit­ing of the 14-​Eight-​Thousanders, I have climbed 6 and I have 8 more to go.

I have a plan for this autumn to go to the Himalayas, where I have two peaks left – Shisha­pangma and Dhaula­giri, which I can climb in the autumn as well. These expe­di­tions are a costly endeav­our and I can­not finan­cially sup­port them. Until now, I have col­lected 3560 BGN from donors. I cor­dially thank every­one who donated funds for my cause not just for the past 2 months after climb­ing Cho Oyu, but also for the past 5 years. To go to an expe­di­tion over 8000 meters, I need another 12 000 BGN. These are the costs with­out the use of Sherpa and arti­fi­cial oxy­gen, and that only cover the basic ser­vice on a Base camp, which is the min­i­mum in order to par­tic­i­pate in an expe­di­tion. I am able to give an account for all of my expenses.

I have a great desire to fin­ish this project. So far my spon­sors have been mainly sev­eral pri­vate com­pa­nies from Bul­garia and Sliven Munic­i­pal­ity, my home town.

I have done hun­dreds of pre­sen­ta­tions with a free of charge entry all over Bul­garia in order to invite more peo­ple to get involved in my mis­sion and to show them the magic of the moun­tain. On my pre­sen­ta­tions I talk about my expe­di­tions but mainly I am moti­vat­ing the peo­ple to believe in their own strengths and to ful­fil their own dreams and desires. I am very happy and very pleased with the large amount of peo­ple who write to me every day, and tell me how I have changed their lives and how they have started to do sports, to sing, dance, paint, and ful­fil their dreams. Oth­ers have stopped eat­ing meat and ani­mal prod­ucts, as they became more con­cern about pro­tect­ing of our Planet from pol­lu­tion and lead­ing a healthy lifestyle. This is the biggest suc­cess in my life — to help peo­ple and to change their lives in a pos­i­tive direction!

Here I would like to thank every­one who bought my books from a book­store or directly from me. The first book is now sold out and there are only a few pieces left. There are only e few copies remained from my other two books as well. Every day I receive reviews about my books and this encour­ages me to con­tinue my mis­sion. I am grate­ful for the great inter­est and the trust you have in me.

I have the desire, the strength and a rich expe­ri­ence and capa­bil­i­ties to fin­ish my sec­ond project. After 16 expe­di­tions around the Globe for the past 6 years, 8 of which were on peaks over 8000 meters, I feel phys­i­cally and men­tally pre­pared. I train every day with a great ambi­tion and I fully ded­i­cated myself with all my heart and soul to achiev­ing my goal. Up until now, only 39 peo­ple in the world have climbed all 14peaks over 8,000 meters. Bul­garia has rich expe­ri­ence in moun­taineer­ing and deserves to have its rep­re­sen­ta­tive in this elite rank­ing. Let Bul­garia take place on the map of the world class alpin­ism and cul­mi­nate with the Himalayan crown!

To wave the Bul­gar­ian flag to the rest of the peaks, I rely on your sup­port. I hope I have touched your hearts. I believe in the good­will of the peo­ple and their desire for suc­cess. I am feel­ing extremely inspired and elated know­ing that I have your sup­port and trust. Let’s go onward and upward together towards the top!

For the 2019 I am plan­ning to sum­mit two or three peaks over 8,000 meters. Depend­ing on the finan­cial sup­port, it will be decided how many peaks I can climb. The total expenses for suc­cess­fully climb­ing of the remain­ing 8 peaks over 8,000 meters with­out the use of Sherpa and arti­fi­cial oxy­gen is about 77,000 EUR. It would be a shame if due to the lack of finan­cial resources, the project is ceased. I hope that you will take part in this impor­tant mis­sion for our Planet. Let’s make the Planet a bet­ter place for the future gen­er­a­tions and ful­fil their dreams with your help. Be an exam­ple of nobil­ity and con­cern for our home – the planet Earth.

Any­one donated more than 200 EUR will receive a gift – my first three books with a per­sonal ded­i­ca­tion and an auto­graph by me.

For a dona­tion over 500 EUR you will receive my books, a T-​shirt with the logo of the project, a DVD with my first movie, as well as a day trip with me to any peak in Bulgaria.

A spon­sor who donates more than 1000 EUR will receive an active ban­ner at my web­site (www​.atanasska​tov​.com) under the Part­ners tab.

For a con­tri­bu­tion 5,000 EUR you will receive a brand­ing of my expe­di­tion equip­ment in 2019.

A Gen­eral Spon­sor with a dona­tion of more than 20,000 EUR per annum will receive a full brand­ing of my equip­ment, an adver­tise­ment in my books and adver­tise­ment in my movies which are yet to be filmed.

We need to go back to Mother Nature. She gives us life, feeds us and our chil­dren, and we have to pro­tect her to in order to con­tinue doing it for our grand­chil­dren and our gen­er­a­tions after us.

Let us together make the world a bet­ter place to live! Let us make our dreams come true here and now. Let us believe in our self and cre­ate our future through our thoughts and actions today!

Any­one who wishes may make a finan­cial con­tri­bu­tion by what­ever amount he decides by the meth­ods listed below or sim­ply to share this text in order to reach more people!

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